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Job Title 1: fill the mold division


At least 2 years working experience in mold; familiar mold structure.

Job Title 2: Cut


4--5 years lathe work experience

Job Title 3: Die fitter


1, master mold assembly, mold research skills.

2, responsible according to process requirements, technical standards (see drawing) of the parts for processing;

3, responsible for the measurement of the process is simple parts, and in the process card test results fill;

4, responsible for the machine daily care and maintenance work, and production tools, measuring custody;

5, fill out the workload statistics, equipment check card, process card;

6, the production process quality problems, timely reporting to team leader;

7, this station is responsible for daily cleaning of sanitation work.

Job Title 4: EDM (EDM) Operator


l, college or higher education level

2, more than one year of work experience.

3, visual acuity of 1.0 (corrected) above, no color blindness.

4, there is a certain knowledge map capability.

5, VDA6.4 standards have a certain understanding.

6, master the use of common measuring tool and measuring methods.

7, proficiency EDM machine tools, understand the characteristics of the machine.

Job Title 5: Mold Master Designer


1, is responsible for receiving the product data and product data confirmation.

2, responsible for product design mold and die within the required time schedule will be provided to mold 3D data set programmer programmers programming, mold 2D drawings available to carry out the process of the preparation of craft and workshop processing.

3, process data such as product changes, mold designers need for timely tracking, and timely data corresponding mold to make changes and submit a new notification and mold data and drawings to programmers and production sector.

4, mold tryout after molding difficult if mold or poor operation, mold designers need to make the necessary mold structure optimization.

5, after the completed mold design, mold designers need to make files (the latest mold 2D drawings, mold 3D / 2D data and product data discs).

6, designers detect stents and other product-related design according to the requirements of product design.

7, design staffing related technical documents, a list of the special characteristics of the product, the use of molds manual.

Job Title 6: CNC programming (CAM)


Plastic mold more than one year experience programming master, skilled use of UG software, the split electrode toolpath reasonable programming electrode and the workpiece machining, mold processing familiar and common processing tools.

Job Title 7: Injection mechanic foreman


More than five years experience in injection molding

8 Job Title: Quality Manager


1, management, quality and other related industries bachelor degree; Fluent English say;

More than 2, 5 years of experience in quality management;

3, familiar with the ISO9000 quality management system; understand the ISO9000 quality system in the method of operation of enterprises; product process understanding; familiar with the use of quality management tools and methods, such as 6sigma etc;

4, serious and responsible, rigorous and meticulous, strong analytical problem solving skills;

5, Yong with industry-leading companies qualified black belt or a national auditor qualification.