Congratulations on our interview with the CCTV Discovery Integrity File

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Congratulations on our interview with the CCTV Discovery Integrity File

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2018/09/13 09:58
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Our company uses our original mold die-casting design to develop high-precision molds, using precision die-casting to produce all kinds of aluminum wheels, subverting the traditional aluminum rod processing and sand-drawing process in the cable industry, filling the gap in the industry and obtaining multiple patent. It can directly save raw materials up to 3-5 times, reduce labor costs by 30%-50%, extend product service life, improve mechanical work efficiency, unify industry specifications and sizes, and facilitate users to buy and replace. Nanyue Company has always been "customer first, quality first, innovation and enterprising" as its purpose. So far, more than 1,000 products have been successfully developed, in order to bring these independently developed new products into the domestic and international markets faster and better. Nanyue Company has been exhibited in wire and cable industry exhibitions across the country and has successfully participated in India, Thailand, Turkey and the April 2016 International Wire and Cable Exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany. At present, there are more than 600 domestic and foreign customers working with Nanyue Company. Received favorable comments from the industry and achieved good economic and social benefits.


Because of this, CCTV found that the integrity file group of the trip is valued, and we are interested in recommending such a famous enterprise. Our company and the column group hit it off and smoothly passed the screening of the column group. The company has been in Beijing at the end of June. The program recording is completed, the playing time is notified, and everyone is welcome to watch it.